The Chrysalis Bay Residence

Our residence, which comprises a variety of apartments, is reflected in the most beautiful bay of Gallura: the Golfo Pevero, complete with white sandy beaches.


At Chrysalis Bay Residence, you will be able to rest and relax, surrounded by lush greenery and the scent of flowers, comfortably seated on a terrace overlooking the extraordinary shades of blue that only the sea in Sardinia can offer. Here, far from noise and hassle, you can dine with friends, then enjoy evenings of fun and relaxation.


Chrysalis Bay is a timeshare residency, comprising several buildings on three levels, connected by streets, piazzas and gardens.

Contract of sale

Buying holiday periods is easy and risk-free thanks to a contract of sale that is stipulated between private parties via a notary act. And thanks to affiliation to the R.C.I. exchange circuit, you will also possess the ‘key’ to timeshare holidays all over the world.